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Welcome to the Cleartool Library Project home page.

What is it?

As a subproduct of my daily tasks, I have developed a (until now) small set of Java programs to connect to ClearCase through cleartool and have some work done. I am releasing it here in an attempt to help the same guy I was a while ago, looking for it, gaving it up and creating it from scratch.

There are two other similar projects:

How do I use it?

If you need to use it, you might have to e-mail me, for I have not yet had the time to rewrite the JavaDocs (they are still in Portuguese).

First version is avaliable in the form of a NetBeans project (ZIP) or a Java .JAR. Click here to go the download page.

To use the JAR, include it in your classpath and import its classes and methods with a import ccs.*; clause.

I want to help the project

If you want to help, e-mail me with your intentions and ideas.

Thank for visiting this project.

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